Story by Rey Castillo, Victoria Advocate

When Cordero "Showtime" Williams runs onto the football field, he's reminded again of his childhood.

The Bay City native took advantage of the moment to help lead the Victoria Hurricanes to a 41-2 exhibition win against the Houston Nightmare in the first Hurricane Bowl on a cold Saturday night at Patti Welder Stadium.

"I felt like a kid again," Williams said. "It's like I'm back in high school when I was killing it. It's like a second chance of doing it again, its fun."

The Hurricanes didn't wait long to show off their defensive pressure.

Five minutes into the game, defensive end Stephon Shelton recovered a forced fumble and ran 15 yards for the game's first points. A Keith Hradek extra point gave the Hurricanes an early 7-0 lead.

"We just want everybody to do their job," Williams said. "We have a lot of new kids, some of them young. We're trying for them to understand the system. If these kids can get the system, no other team can stop us."

After Williams led the Hurricanes' offense down the field on back-to-back first downs, running back Chris Sanders ran more.

The former Victoria/Bay City Texans have come back as the newly formed, Victoria Hurricanes. They are not only returning to Victoria, to carry on their winning tradition, they are coming back to the Crossroads Amateur Football League. The CRAFL was the first league to give the, then Victoria Texans, their start as they eventually won the 2013 championship crown.

The Texans moved to the Texas United Football Association for two seasons, then the team moved to Bay City and to the Dynamic Texas Football Associaton in the 2016 season.

Rudy Guzman, Team Owner

Donnie Butler, General Manager



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